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You’re already working hard. Why not also work smart?

Understanding how you spend your time-and what it costs-can bring untold revelations, whether you’re a solo practitioner, managing partner, practice group leader or administrative professional. How can you work more effectively and increase productivity? What changes can you make to recoup lost time?

To help you reveal these opportunities, ofPartner has developed RevelationLegal-i, a web-based solution for legal professionals that delivers unprecedented vision into your day-to-day work life-all without a burdensome investment of time or money.

RevelationLegal-i is an extension of RevelationLegal, our revolutionary analysis tool designed for legal and administrative teams-even entire firms. We created this “i”ndividual version to empower you to improve your own productivity and effectiveness.

ALA Uniform Process Based Management System (UPBMS)

Our online questionnaire utilizes ALA’s UPBMS, the only universally recognized taxonomy that encompasses the wide variety of processes needed to support the practice of law. ofPartner and RevelationLegal are proud to endorse this forward-thinking effort to establish a common language and framework for legal support operations across the industry.

Learn more about the ALA UPBMS Project. 

View an interactive version of our taxonomy. 

RevelationLegal-i is a unique analysis powered by your personal job-related data. 

We transform your personal data into an actionable report that will help you improve your performance and effectiveness.

Knowledge is power

Our simple online questionnaire helps you identify and analyze the activities you perform during a typical year. Seeing clearly how you spend your time (and what it costs) is where it all starts.

Minimal investment, maximum return

Give us just 30 minutes, and we’ll deliver a view into your workday that can transform you as a professional and impact your bottom line.

Roadmap to greater productivity

View the results and analysis from every angle. Leverage the report to pinpoint gaps in productivity, identify strategic opportunities and refocus your time on higher-value activities.

Secure, private and in the cloud

Our systems utilize state-of-the-art cloud technologies to enable unique and powerful analysis in a safe and secure environment.

Step 1. Register

Complete a brief form with the information we need to understand who you are, including annual compensation.

All your data will be kept safe and secure.

Step 2. Complete the Questionnaire

Complete our intuitive online questionnaire to identify the activities you perform and what they cost relative to your annual compensation. No advance preparation is needed. It only takes about 30 minutes and your confidential results will be invaluable.

Step 3. Get Your Results

After we review and validate your questionnaire, you’ll receive a report that details your results and a guide to help you identify numerous ways to improve your effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you require compensation information?

RevelationLegal-i performs a detailed job analysis that identifies opportunities to improve your effectiveness and quality of life. While a basic understanding of the time you devote to each activity is insightful, having the ability to place a value on your time – based on your actual compensation – is truly powerful.

Is my compensation information safe?

Yes! All of your data, including compensation amounts, is kept safe, secure and confidential within our state-of-the-art systems. 

How do I determine my compensation amount?

RevelationLegal-i allocates your total compensation across the activities you perform. You will be asked to enter dollar amounts for your base compensation and your annual bonus (if applicable). Note that we will automatically add 20% to your base compensation to account for the approximate cost of your benefits package.

Understanding how you work is the gateway to innovation and a better quality of life.

RevelationLegal-i is the key that unlocks it.

Are you...

  • A sole practitioner who needs a roadmap to greater productivity and profitability?
  • A head of finance, marketing, HR or other administrative department seeking development opportunities for yourself or your team?
  • A managing partner or practice group leader looking for ways to get more value out of the hours you and your colleagues log every day?

RevelationLegal-i reveals the path to achieve all of this and more.

“RevelationLegal delivers a powerful job analysis that is, quite simply, revealing! The reports provide a level of detail about how you spend your time that every busy professional wants but rarely has the time or resources to gather. Being able to collect and process this kind of data in about 30 minutes is truly amazing.”

Jim McGinnis

CEO, Archer NSG



Powerful Data Analytics

Actionable Reporting

Revealing Compensation Analysis

Simple, Easy, Quick

Safe and Secure

Essential Insight - That’s RevelationLegal-i

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